Venom, Anti-Venom & First-Aid

Venom Venom is specialised salivary excretions made up of proteins and peptides. All venomous snakes carry numerous different active proteins in their venom and the reaction depends on factors like the size and sensitivity of the victims as much as it does on the compounds of the venom. For example, while a Black Mamba envenomation … Continue reading “Venom, Anti-Venom & First-Aid”

Cape Cobra | Naja nivea

Cape Cobras are a medium sized cobra that usually reach around 1.5 m, they have been recorded 2.5 m in some areas but it’s not common. They have round pupils and are smooth scaled, there scales are glossy with 19-21 rows mid body, and the subcaudals are paired 50-68 with 195-227 ventral scales. The coloration … Continue reading “Cape Cobra | Naja nivea”

Spring Fair at Imhoff Waldorf School

On Saturday, 1nd September, I spent some time with the wonderful kids from Imhoff Waldorf School at their Spring Fair event.  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made this day a success! I had lots of fun doing the show.  Here are some videos and pictures from the day. … Continue reading “Spring Fair at Imhoff Waldorf School”