Conservation & Rehabilitation

catch and relocation

We do removal from residential properties when people come across snakes in and around where they live. I come out and catch the snake and relocate it in a nearby reserve. This is done on donation basis as a lot of the people cannot afford to pay for this service. The reason for not charging a set fee is that life has an immeasurable value. I couldn’t set a fee on the life of a person, pet or snake.
Some of the catches are time consuming and involve a lot of work to find the snake. It is an extremely dangerous job that must be done safely and correctly. If not, it can lead to a bad bite or death.
 With these catches I get a lot of snakes and other reptiles that are sick or injured. Those animals come back to the Conservation Centre where I treat them accordingly. Sometimes the animal will need to see a vet and get medication. I pay for these bills with majority of the funds from donations, educational shows & products I sell. This money also keeps the Conservation Centre open.
At the Conservation Centre, we take in sick or injured animals and unwanted pets. Giving them the help and care they deserve.