shows and educational displays

I do shows and educational displays to educate people about reptiles and get some people over their fears and misconceptions about them. I will do in-house shows and come out to do on site shows or events and team building activities. I bring out snakes and other reptiles giving information and offering a chance to interact with them and take pictures. We have a lot of fun on these shows and have some amazing animals that will get into the hearts of even the biggest non-believers and help them get over their fears. It’s fun for all the family and the animals enjoy it too as they have become fond of the limelight and enjoy the time out with us.


field herping trips

The field herping trips are for people who would like to go out with me in our local reserves. We go out into the wild and look for reptiles to photograph in their natural habitat. I also take the opportunity to release some of our rehabilitated animals back where they belong, this provides a perfect opportunity to see and photograph them as they get relocated.

Dress code: hat, long pants, boots and sunglasses. I recommend you bring along a backpack with sunscreen, water and anything else you may need for a day in the bush.

Contact me to book a Field Herping Trip in advance and details will be arranged from there.