snake awareness course

An introduction course that consists of a lecture where I will explain the snakes role in the ecosystem and how to identify our local species. I will explain snake awareness and safety as well as basic first aid for snake bites.

advanced venomous snake handling course

Delegates will be shown how to safely handle snakes using various equipment (e.g. hooks and tongs) and how to properly neck a snake to get control of the animal when handling venomous snakes. I will teach how to tube and sex snakes. Tubing is a method of handling a snake without the snake being able to bite you or wiggle around and get hurt while performing a task with the animal such as sexing the snake. Snakes have internal breeding organs and we check sex via probing to accurately discover if it’s a male or female.

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Duration – The awareness section will take up a morning from around 10 am till lunch time at which point if delegates are going on to advanced handling course we will reconvene after lunch and finish the course around 5 pm. If there are a number of delegates we may have to schedule the handling course for the following day to give everyone adequate time to complete.

Dress code – Closed shoes preferably boots and long pants to be worn for safety reasons.

Please use the bookings form below to contact me. Bookings must be made 7 days in advance.